Thursday, 1 December 2016

CBSE (NCERT) Sample Papers: A Springboard for the 9th and 10th Standard Board Examinations

Sample Paper or Practice Paper are the best means to evaluate the preparation of students before he or she actually appears the Board Examinations. These Practice Papers or Sample Paper and Guess Papers are generally prepared after lot of brain-storming by an expert team of teachers and professionals, associated with either Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) strictly in accordance with the norms issued by CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) following the latest CBSE syllabus and NCERT text books.
Practice Papers and Sample Papers are important aids for the preparation of CBSE board examinations. Students' performance with these papers should help them to find out areas or the particular chapters of any subject that require more preparation. A thorough preparation for CBSE examinations especially, under its new CCE pattern must include solving at least some good quality sample papers or practice papers before entering into the real arena of examination as they have enormous inherent benefits.
Positive Aspects of Solving Practice Papers and Guess Papers 
  • Many students because of their poor time management and incompetent writing skills fail to complete answers of all questions in the scheduled time. Students should try to solve these CBSE (NCERT) Sample Papers within the allotted time by which they can learn time-management which has become more crucial during examinations now-a-days. This will ensure sufficient practice before the study, and in turn reduce anxiety before the examination starts.
  • Since the CBSE Sample Papers are designed as per the marking scheme of CCE following the latest CBSE syllabus, they offer students a broad understanding of the new marking system.
  • In addition, students learn the pattern of questions that will be asked in Class 9 or Class 10 Board Exams conducted by CBSE.
  • Help teachers and guardians to identify weak areas of their candidates (students). Once identified the weak areas, students can focus on that part of the syllabus and improve.
  • The examination phobia makes many students nervous and affects their performance due to their lack of confidence. The Cbse Ncert Practice Papers could be the best medicines for them as solving these papers would definitely boost confidence into them and help them tackle questions easily in the examination hall.
Now-a-days there are many websites dealing in these materials, but CBSE | NCERT Solutions is a site where one can get some standard Sample Papers and Guess Papers on different subjects and very similar to those asked in the CBSE examinations especially, for Class IX and Class X. Moreover, at CBSE | NCERT Solutions one can access to these papers totally Free of Cost without requiring to do any Registration etc. There is a true, old adage: Practice makes perfect. So, do some practice and become more perfect before you write your actual examinations!
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